The Second Annual International Sherlockian Summit

Not since the (then) four Pacific Northwest Sherlockian scion societies gathered for 10 years for the “International Holmesian Games” from 1989 through 1998—six times in Seattle, twice in Portland and twice in Vancouver, BC—has a Sherlockian event of such proportion occurred in Western Washington, USA!!   The date was November 21, 2015 when the (first) International Sherlockian Summitbrainchild of The Sound of the Baskervilles’ Board Member Emeritus Allen Nelson—became a reality in a pub in Mount Vernon, WA!!

And on November 3, 2016, we did it again!  Same time, same place, many of the same people attending, and still great fun!

IMG_1579  IMG_1574

And, what diverse—and yet inclusive—groups we drew to both events, with decades-long friendships being renewed and new ones made!!   Attending again in 2016 were more than 30 Members of the Pacific Northwest Sherlockian organizations, representing the now 5-year-old Dogs in the Nighttime (Anacortes, WA), the 5-year-old online scion John H. Watson Society, the 45-year-old Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle (Portland, OR), the 36-year-old Sound of the Baskervilles (Seattle, WA), the 29-year-old Stormy Petrels of B.C. (Vancouver, BC), and the 26-year-old Vamberry Wine Merchants (Portland, OR).  New to the assemblage were members, too, of The Baker Street Irregulars, The Bootmakers of Toronto (ON, Canada) and The Speckled Band (Boston, MA).

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Our MC for both events was, of course, SOB Al Nelson, assisted most-ably by SOBs Margie Deck and Sheila Holtgrieve, who provided one of the entertainments—a game that required players to solve for a person, a place, or a thing from the Canon, interpreted in a series of posters.  Canadian Bob Coghill, BSI, originally from Toronto, challenged us with a quiz of 60 photos he’d taken in and around his newly-adopted home of Vancouver, BC—that hinted at the titles of every story in the Canon!   And, SOB David Haugen, PFL and several of his fellow SOBs provided a performance of his hysterical (?!) radio drama “The Hound of the Baskervilles”!

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Game-playing and lunch were followed by a raffle of Sherlockian ephemera donated by many of the Clubs. Our hosts at The Skagit River Brewery were hospitable and organized and provided great service and excellent food and brews!  We hope to return to Mount Vernon for another International Sherlockian Summit real soon!!

In most ways, this was a typical Sherlockian event—which always involves food, drink and fun—and in many ways it was unique to those attending!!  Perhaps we’ll see you there next November!