Just a Sunny Social Day for South Sound Meeting

Having just too much fun crowding around the kitchen counter, visiting and enjoying the eats everyone brought, it was really hard for PFL David to grab the attention of those attending the South Sound Meeting of The Sound of the Baskervilles at Haugens’ home on August 12, 2017.

What?!  We thought this was just a social…not a meeting!!   It was hard to abandon all that food:  turkey and ham wraps, chicken salad sandwiches, spinach & cheese pizza, a baked cheese & filo spiral, caprice salad, fruit salad, cupcakes, homemade chocolate chip cookies, mixed nuts, chips & dip, chocolate covered / peanut butter-filled pretzels, cheese & crackers, and more.


But, after quieting down, we let David open the meeting with our usual toast “To Murray, Without Whom” and then the PFL stumped us with this tidbit:   You can tell you are a Victorian Sherlockian when the crossword puzzle gives you the clue “certain two-wheeler” to a six-letter answer, and you immediately think of “hansom”.   Nah, the answer was “Segway”—a decidedly 21st century term.


Limiting himself to announcements—with no story discussion—PFL David regaled all with the happenings of our Watson Picnic in July; reminded us that the September Meeting is moved to September 24; told us the “3rd International Sherlockian Summit of Societies of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and the World” will be November 4 in Mt. Vernon; and reported that our much-loved Seattle Mystery Bookshop is up for sale and could possibly close.  We also heard the woes of our 2017 JHWS Treasure Hunt Team—SOBs Margie Deck and Sheila Holtgrieve—who’ve struggled mightily all month on the 100-question quiz authored by one of the Italian scion’s members!

IMG_0470   IMG_0475

After noshing some more and raffling away some great stuff, for some reason folks started heading off…to walk the dogs, beat the traffic and head home!!  We could have survived another two days on the leftovers!!!  Sheesh!