SOBs Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Stormy Petrels of British Columbia


Many thanks to the Stormy Petrels of BC who invited the Sound of the Baskervilles to take part in their 30th Anniversary bash held at the Billy Bishop pub inside Royal Canadian Legion 176 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It was a day of games, skits, good food, and great company.  We heard thoughtful speeches and silly telegrams; we competed in darts and quizzes; we played dress up for the photobooth; we even learned the history of Canadian flying ace Billy Bishop honored by this hall’s name.

Read the Petrels’ report, which is much more detailed and eloquent!


Astounding multi-layer cake (1)

On right, Petrel Krista Lee Munro

Petrels put on silly skit


Len Haffenden, long-time Petrel Flyer Editor
Our Legion Hall host Petrel Brian

redheaded league

l to r, David, Fran, Sheldon & Bob