The Third Annual International Summit of Sherlockian Societies

The Third Annual International Summit of Sherlockian Societies took place on November 4, 2017 in Mt. Vernon, WA.

Twenty-seven Sherlockians met, their primary societies included The Sound of the Baskervilles (SOBs): Airy Maher, Lauren Messenger, Cameron Brandon, Cara Cross, Geoff Jeffries, Judy Lyen, Sheila Holtgrieve, Chris Berward and Laurie Curtis, Alexander Snow, Amanda Vann, Dwight Holmes, Dwight Holmes, Shannon Wallace, Melinda Michaelson, Larry Raisch, Margie Deck, Melanie Braganti and Margaret and Allen Nelson; Stormy Petrels: Fran Martin, Bob Coghill and Jeanmarie Tubia; Vamberry Wine Merchants: Terri Zensen and Dru Weiland; Dogs of the Nighttime: Gail and Ted Stetson.


Several people are members of multiple societies also including The John H. Watson Society, The Toronto Bootmakers, The Baker Street Irregulars, The Blue Carbuncles, The Sherlock Holmes Society of London and the Practical but Limited Geologists. We also had a Tri-Cities area guest, Lee, who is not yet affiliated with a Sherlockian group. Al began the meeting with the traditional SOB toast to Murray and a second toast to David and Terri. He then asked representatives of the various societies to stand and give a brief description of their group which included their location, years in existence and activities. Margie Deck then rose to give the third toast, her poem “The Battered Tin Box” and we began lunch. Post-lunch entertainment began with a game called “Who Is Watson” written by Margie and Sheila in which Margie was the M.C. and Sheila, as Inspector Lestrade, brought in Lauren, Cara, Kashena and Airy, all of whom wore bowler hats and moustaches and claimed to be the real Watson. Margie asked each ten questions and from their answers the audience was asked to decide who the real Watson (Cara) was.


The Stormy Petrels then took the floor. Fran passed out hand signs with “H” for Holmes on one side, “W” for Watson on the other and proceeded to read ten quotes from the Canon. The audience was to use the signs to indicate who said it, Homes, Watson or neither. Fran generously also had a separate raffle of Sherlockian prizes including Baker Street tea and chocolate magnifying glasses which the audience were very happy to win. Kathleen Kaska of the Dogs in the Night had sent a Sherlockian crossword and we competed in teams of four to solve it first. The winning team of Margie, Airy, Alex and Lee each received copies of Kathleen’s book ‘The Sherlock Homes Triviography and Quiz Book”!

SOB Vice-president Kashena recited the SOB’s traditional meeting-closing poem “221 B”. Lastly Al and Margie ran the raffle pull of wonderful prizes donated by several SOBs including Shannon, Geoff, Kashena, the Haugens and others. Dwight Holmes was lucky enough to win the autographed photograph of Benedict Cumberbatch. Thanks to the donors, many attendees won wonderful prizes, sometimes more than one! It was a friendly, enjoyable and informative afternoon and we appreciate the efforts of those who attended to be there!

By SOB Margaret Nelson