Holiday Jollification!


Carrol Clemens was our hostess again this year as 14 SOBs gathered for the annual Will Crakes Memorial Jollification. Bob Coghill, from the Stormy Petrels of Vancouver, B.C., was cat sitting again in Maple Valley, so he joined us—lucky us and lucky cat. He—Bob, that is—took a video of us around Carrol’s living room and the table full of Christmas goodies to send to David and Terri. We missed them a lot. Savory and sweet treats and Christmas libations and grand Sherlockian conversation started the afternoon.


Margie Deck, puzzle master extraordinaire, created a Blue Carbuncle game. Each team was given a constable’s report for the various elements of the stolen gem incident with strategic words and phrases left blank. The challenge, which all teams accepted with aplomb, was to fill in those blanks, the less related to the actual story and the more off the wall encouraged. Hilarity ensued. We SOBs are a clever group. The afternoon ended with a special holiday raffle, always a popular treat. Thank you, Carrol, Margie, and Sherlock and friends for a great afternoon.

By SOB Sheila Holtgrieve