Awards and Recognition Galore at the SOB 2018 Masters’ Celebration!

The Sound of the Baskervilles in 2018 have had a very busy few months!! March included our 36th Masters’ Celebration, saluting Holmes’ and Watson’s meeting in March 1881, and held on March 10 at Vince’s Italian Restaurant in Federal Way, WA.


There were awards and recognitions galore! Al Nelson presented a memento to outgoing Treasurer Hank Deck—in grateful thanks for his 4 years of service. Sheila Holtgrieve presented our 2018 “Footprints of a Gigantic Hound” award to our very surprised and shocked winner Carrol Clemens, who has hosted a number of our Anniversary Teas and Holiday Jollifications over the years at her home.


A number of toasts were made throughout our banquet by a number of attendees:  PFL David started off with a toast to our SOB Members who passed away since last year’s banquet (Kay Chelemedos, Jim French and DC Smith); Margie Deck hailed Watson’s orderly Murray; Sheila Holtgrieve recognized Monsignor Ronald Knox; and Margaret Nelson provided her “Toast to the Horse”.

Cara Cross read out the following toast from Lauran Stevens, who was unable to attend: “A toast to David, Sheila, Terri and Margie without whom this Club would not be as enjoyable and informative as it is. And, a special toast to Airy Maher, Cameron Brandon, Kashena Konecki, Lauren Messenger and Shannon Wallace—our newer members—who have joined the SOBs and, with their contributions, have insured us that our Club is in great hands long into the future.”

PFL David continued with toasts to Queen Victoria, ACD himself, Dr. Watson and, of course, our hero Holmes; and VP Kashena Konecki wrapped things up with a toast to Baker Street.

VP Kashena presented two well-deserved “Hound Citation” awards this year:  one to our Twitter Administrator, Dawn Kravagna; the other to our new Associate Editor, Lauren Messenger. 


 Our (always) free raffle produced gleeful joy when Nancy Holder won the coveted item of the day—the autographed and framed photo of Rupert Graves, Inspector Lestrade in the BBC/PBS series “Sherlock”!


There was lots to eat and lots of fun—as is usual at any Sound of the Baskervilles’ event!! We hope you’ll join us again next year!!