Too Much Food, But the Right Amount of Conviviality!

A good group of Members gathered at SOB Carroll Clemens home on April 7, 2 018. Our purpose? …to celebrate our Club’s 38th year with a tea and small raffle! It hardly seems possible that nearly four decades have passed since this scion society—The Sound of the Baskervilles—was founded on a ferry boat on March 31, 1980!

from Margie IMG_2419

Being a Sherlockian event, our afternoon tea was a veritable feast!! There was lots of tea and punch! There were sandwiches, pies, cookies and cupcakes! There were fruits and dips and other snacks too! As is usual, there was enough food and drink to compete with the offerings of an afternoon tea at The Savoy!

The hallway held the full array of raffle items —by tossing their raffle tickets in the baskets, people could get exactly what they wanted! Grateful thanks for the Members who donated their no-longer-needed Sherlockian ephemera!

PFL David conducted the raffle, so everyone went home with a treasure. He also opened and closed the event with our usual toasts and added a few comments about the milestone event we  were celebrating!!

from Margie IMG_2423

Once again we had a wonderful time at Carroll’s home. As usual there was way too much food, but the right amount of conviviality. If you missed the event this year, mark it down as something to do next year. It is a very relaxed way to meet and eat with your fellow SOBs.