The Ongoing Adventures of the Sound of the Baskervilles!

By:  SOB Associate Editor Lauren Messenger

Autumn always makes me want to reread the Sherlock Holmes stories. Something about the shortening days, the crispness of the air, planning  spooky costumes and decorations for Halloween, and curling up with a mug of tea makes me crave the mystery and adventure that I find in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, as penned by Arthur Conan Doyle. The Sound of the Baskervilles have had a number of fun events leading up to the beginning of the season, and there are more to look forward to!

At our August 19th meeting, at the Queen Anne branch library, we discussed “The Adventure of Silver Blaze.” The meeting was led by VP Kashena Konecki and Mel B. Other members present included PFL David, Sheila, Chris, Dawn, Pat, Alexander, Sheldon, Paul, Allen, Margaret, Vivika, Lauren, Ariana, and Shannon. David began the meeting with a request for a volunteer to take over the admirable Paul Williams’ duty of arranging the annual John H. Watson Picnic reservation.  Sheila reported that Lauran Stevens got a call from SOB Barbara Nelson whose canonical name is Silver Blaze. Barbara wished us all well in our discussion of the story! Kashena and Mel had devised a fun activity for us: a horse race game with three teams, each one assigned a horse (Copper Hackney, Speckled Pinto, and Lion’s Mane!). Based on the roll of dice, and the stats of each horse, they raced across a felt track. The winning horse and team were Lion’s Mane, and Sheldon, Alexander, Lauren, and Pat. It was tremendously fun, though it involved more math than this Sherlockian is used to!

At the September 8th South Sound Meeting, hosted by Margie and Hank Deck, at their home, attendees discussed “The Sign of the Four.” PFL David presided over the meeting, and other attendees included Nancy, Maffie and spouse David, Sheila, Judy, Cara and Geoff Jeffries, Melinda, Jody and guest (daughter Carina), Allen and Margaret, Dawn K, Sunny and guest Tom Veal who is an old University of Illinois buddy of Bill Seil. Margaret Nelson had this to say about the meeting: “Al brought in an original copy of an 1896 Times of London to view. David passed out copies of the layout of the Red Fort at Agra, the location of the buried treasure in ‘Sign of Four’. David also mentioned that this story is the only one in the canon which has ‘surely’ twice in a sentence; however, he spared us the reading so we all must reread the story to find it ourselves!”

Upcoming events for the SOBs will include our meeting for September at the library to discuss SIGN; our November meeting about SCAN, which will be hosted by SOB Sheldon Glogger; our 4th Annual Sherlockian Summit in Mount Vernon, and our December meeting and annual Jollification!  Mark your calendars, and get excited!