The Sound of the Baskervilles welcomes you to join us. $20 each year for an individual, or $30 each year for family membership brings our members a copy of our monthly newsletter Ineffable Twaddle either by email or post, a bound copy of Beaten’s Christmas Annual, and invitation to all monthly meetings and special events.

Club membership is renewed March 1 of each year for our April-March fiscal year. New members joining mid-year may pay reduced dues for the time remaining in the fiscal year. To see the calendar with the adjusted dues, please click here.

At this time, memberships are paid via post, or in person at a monthly meeting. To join, please complete the membership form and mail it as indicated; the form is available here.  The Sound of the Baskervilles is a not-for-profit organization. Donations to benefit the club are welcomed. Contact us if you would like to donate.

Coming soon… memberships and donations by PayPal.

Paypal coming soon

Adjusted Dues Schedule

Individual Family
1st Quarter:
April, May, June
$20 $30
2nd Quarter:
July, August, September
$15 $22
3rd Quarter:
October, November, December
$10 $15
4th Quarter:
January, February, March
$5 $7