The SOB Annual Wreath Throw 2018: In a Word, Perfect!!

The weather was perfect (thanks to Sir Arthur), the wreath was perfect (thanks to event co-chair Ginie Romnes), the throw was perfect (thanks to event co-chair James Romnes), and a great time was had by all in attendance. The event?  The Sound of the Baskervilles’ 36th Annual Wreath Throw on May 5, 2018.


This event gives us an opportunity each year to mourn Holmes’ “death” at Reichenbach and to celebrate the fact that he never really died; in addition, we take the time to honour those SOB Members who have gone before us to a place “Where it is always 1895”!!  Sadly, we added three more Members to our Honour Roll, who passed away since the 2017 Wreath Throw; they were:

  • Kay Chelemedos, who with her husband Peter found The SOBs in June 1980—a mere 3-months after our founding and have been continuous members since that time.
  • Jim French, who was the creator of the ‘Imagination Theater’ for which he was a writer, producer, and director. Among the many performances and stories recorded and broadcast on radio were ‘The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’. In 2016, his production company completed the 60 stories that make up the Canon using the same actors throughout.
  • DC (Dustan Craig) Smith, a long-time Seattle Seafair Pirate; a devoted Sherlockian, having joined The SOBs in October 2009: a dedicated and knowledgeable film buff; and a hugely learned gentleman.

A booking conflict required that we change things up this year—reversing the order in which we normally run this event by having our meal first and the wreath throw afterward.

IMG_3354 A

So, we began our day with lunch at Falls Terrace Restaurant in Tumwater at 11:30 a.m. After lunch we made the trek (a scant half mile) to the waterfall on the north end of Tumwater Falls Park (just south of the Restaurant) for our wreath throw, photos and champagne toasts.

Arriving back at the Restaurant’s parking lot later, SOB Ed Southon passed out many, many wonderful Sherlockian collectibles and ephemera in order to whittle down his own collection  (Thanks, Ed!), allowing many of us to head home with Holmesian smiles on our faces!

The change-up in the order of events for our Wreath Throw was so well liked that at our May regular monthly meeting, everyone agreed we should arrange future Wreath Throws in this exact same manner! In fact, we also decided to change the place at which we hold our honor roll reading, salutes and toasting…from down below the falls and the bridge up to the bridge level above the falls!  Looks like we hit this event “out of the park”!!!