We Wish You the Compliments of the Season

A fun and large group of Members of The Sound of the Baskervilles—the Scion Society of the Baker Street Irregulars serving the Greater Puget Sound Region of Western Washington, USA since March 31, 1980— showed up at the festively decorated home of SOB Carrol Clemens for our Annual Will Crakes Memorial Jollification—and many of us left the party a lot larger than we were when we arrived!

As befits this annual social event, there was way too much to eat and too much to drink (non-alcoholic, of course), so naturally a whole lot of noise and laughter ensued.

We had so many donations of Sherlockian ephemera that we had to go through two separate rounds of drawings—two separate sets of tickets to everybody!

We thank all of you who attended and especially Carrol for her hospitality and for graciously opening her home to our silly bunch once again.