Honors, Recognitions & Winners at our 2019 Masters’ Celebration

Twenty-five members attended The Sound of the Baskervilles’ 37th Annual Masters’ Celebration on March 2, 2019! What were we celebrating? … why the meeting of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John H. Watson in March 1881 and the winners of our “Footprints of a Gigantic Hound Award”!!

You’ll find lots of details and some of the pictures from this event in our April 2019 issue of Ineffable Twaddle, posted on this site under Publications; additional photos are included with this post.

But the highlights of the afternoon recognized lots of persons, places and things:  with long-time Members Geoff Jeffery & Cara Cross     winning our 2019 Footprints Award, with various Members’ toasts…to the usual suspects and then some, and with presentation of “2-Year Certificates” to a dozen folks who’ve been Members of our great Club for more than two years!

The winners of the special drawing held for the Sherlockian charm bracelets donated by Geoff & Cara were Members Vivika Sundqvist and Sunny Even, and earned $150 in donations for the Club treasury.  We were again entertained by our own Seattle Carpool Chorus, who said they actually rehearsed more than just in the car coming to this event!

Thanks to Geoff’s contributions, we had 19 items in our usual free drawing.  To top it all off, Member Ed Southon brought a car full of Sherlockiana that he was donating to the Club. Many Members went home with armloads of stuff and big smiles!  We hate to see Ed go, but his move is sure our gain. (He sold his home in this area and is moving to Pittsburg. Bummer!)

Our 2019 issue of Beaten’s Christmas Annual was delivered at the banquet—to good reviews!  And, between it all, we captured lots of smiling Members in photos, enjoyed great food and drink at the Southcenter Old Spaghetti Factory along with cake and spumoni, and had loads of laughs and fun!!

We hope you too will join us for this fun event next March!!  See you then!