Stars in the Making at The SOBs’ 39th Anniversary Tea

Hostess SOB Carrol Clemens opened her arms to us—for the 39th annual celebration of the founding of The Sound of the Baskervilles on Saturday, April 6—so we took over her front hallway for the raffles, her dining room for all the food and tea service, her living room and family room to hang out in, and got in her way in the kitchen! And she keeps inviting us back!?

David gifted Carrol with a lovely hostess gift, and Sheila Holtgrieve challenged us with a fun team-quiz which she borrowed from Sherlockian Kathleen Kaska’s “The Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book”. Winning teams consisted of Sunny Even, Sheila and Dawn Jaekel, and VP Kashena Konecki, Jody Holm and Editor Terri.

But, the pièce de résistance? For the first time we had entertainment at this annual event:  With Maffie Rafferty on her guitar, she and hubby David performed their original composition “221B Baker Street”, sung to the tune of the 1978 song “Baker Street” by Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty. These two might not be related to the Gerry Rafferty, but what a talented pair! We hear our Carpool Chorus has already recruited them to join the Chorus for a performance at our 2020 Masters’ Celebration next March!

We were loaded with so many donated collectibles that the drawings went through three cycles and winners needed bags to haul it all away.

A grand time was had by all, yet we got out of there on time for Carrol to head out to dinner and a concert with her kids! Whew!