The SOBs 37th Annual Wreath Throw Made Most of the Day

It was a fabulous day for a wreath throw. It was a great day too for The Sound of the Baskervilles to once again commemorate the loss of Sherlock Holmes in his infamous struggle with Professor Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls in the northern Swiss Alps in May 1891 and to salute our deceased SOB Members at our 37 th Annual Wreath Throw in Tumwater, WA on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

It’s not often we can combine two,…er, “holidays”, as it were: Our Wreath Throw and an important date in the “Star Wars” calendar!  So, our gathering began with an appropriate Jedi salute by SOB Lauren Messenger:  “May the fourth be with you!” She and SOB Kate Nelson were appropriately attired in Star Wars garb; Lauren even had a light saber that glowed. PFL David Haugen went through some upcoming club events, as we enjoyed our luncheon at Falls Terrace Restaurant, as he then read his short paper on what he felt Watson’s grief would have been upon his return to Reichenbach Falls at finding no Holmes there.

Following lunch and our trek down to the Falls, David also read from The SOB Honour Roll which lists the names of all our SOB Members who have gone to “Where it is always 1895”. The wreath, made by SOB Ginie Romnes, was once again perfectly thrown her hubby James. It even surfaced down from the Falls after surviving a trip through the boiling waters. SOB Vice President Kashena Konecki provided the libations to salute another successful throw, as everyone enjoyed the bright and sunny skies, so very unlike how we imagine the darkness of Reichenbach.

But as we looked back on our memories of Mr. Holmes and our deceased members we looked to our future too by recognizing events of this 21 st century—by witnessing some young men in the park as they operated a very modern drone which many of us were sure would be lost among the trees or crashed in the roiling waters of the river! But they were able to control it and got it to return to them—on the bridge overlooking the Falls with girders in their way!

Having one foot in the 19th century and another in the 21 st certainly gave us an opportunity to make the most of this most-excellent spring day in the fantastic Pacific Northwest!