2020 Writing Contest: “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Uninvited Guest”

We’ve given you a title and a cover – what is the plot? Even better, what is the opening paragraph?  This is YOUR challenge for 2020.


Enter this Writing Contest in one of two (2) categories, or in both:

Category 1:  In 200 words or less, give us a believable plot and how Holmes solved it!

Category 2:  In 200 words or less, introduce the “Uninvited Guest” to us and have him/her/them hook Holmes into taking his/her/their case!


Ok? Ready, set, go! You have until November 1!  And, YES, there will be PRIZES!!!

More details will follow! Questions? Email Editor Terri:  terri@soundofthebaskervilles.com


Our Judge for this contest is SOB Lauren Stevens (& her chosen helpers)

Our Cover Artist is friend of The SOBs Julian Epps