The Sound of the Baskervilles 38th Annual Masters’ Celebration

Our yearly banquet on March 7, 2020 commemorated Holmes’ & Watson’s meeting in 1881, and allowed us to eat, drink and be merry while we recognized those contributing the most this past year to the betterment of this Club with applause, awards and citations!

The 2020 Winner of our “Footprints of a Gigantic Hound Award” is SOB LAUREN MESSENGER, and she’s been a loyal member of this Club since October 2013, when we met her at the second Sherlock Seattle Convention.

Lauren kindly accepted the position on The SOBs’ Board as Assistant Editor in 2015. That position has actually taken up more of her time than some of us had ever planned. We thought covering an occasional vacation for Editor Terri would suffice, but that has turned almost into an annual event.

It seems time that, with nary a whimper or complaint, this lady has given a ton to this Club and it’s time for us to give back to her with this slight recognition. Thank you, Lauren!!

This Banquet is also a time for us to recognize other members who’ve given more of themselves to the Club, maybe over a longer time period than just this past year, doing some things that maybe haven’t seemed to be noticed, but that really HAVE BEEN noticed!!

We recognized two such people this year:

The first was SOB PAT MCINTOSH, who joined our Club exactly 9 years ago and who became our Sunshine Chair in 2015, succeeding long-time member Barbara Nelson. Pat’s the one who—mostly secretly and anonymously—sends get-well and sympathy cards to our members when we hear they are ailing or have had a crisis or a death. And, guess what, she pretty much does it all on her own dime! Sometimes others will remember to stop at the Dollar Store to pick up a supply of cards for her, but usually they don’t!

Pat’s someone we can really count on to care about our members and we get so many grateful thanks from those who receive her cards “From The SOBs”!!!

For this, we recognized SOB Pat McIntosh with the first of our 2020 “Footprints of a Gigantic  Hound Citation”!

SOB DAWN JAEKEL  only joined our Club in June 2018 but when it comes to getting things set-up and shut-down at our Queen Anne Library Meetings, she’s pitched in from the start and is a whiz…helping  keep things organized in the chaos of all the “hellos” and “goodbyes” when we only see each other once a month!!! She reminds us of SOB Sheila Holtgrieve—who we likened to a “rookie of the year” when she joined back in 2009 and demonstrated an immediate commitment to our efforts and activities.

VP Kashena Konecki, who missed the banquet because she was off sailing the Caribbean, even said that last fall, she didn’t know what she’d have done for 4 months to stay organized without Dawn to help her!!

For this, we recognized SOB Dawn Jaekel with our second 2020 “Footprints of a Gigantic Hound Citation!”

To read more about our 38th Annual Masters’ Celebration, go to the Publications page on our website and check out the April 2020 issue of our monthly newsletter Ineffable Twaddle.