Contest Judge SOB Lauran Stevens Is Now Inviting Your Writing Contest Entries!

“Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Uninvited Guest” is the title of our 2020 Writing Contest

Your Book Cover is shown, now…
What is your plot? Or,
What is your opening paragraph?

Judge Lauran Stevens’ mailing address can be found on Page 1 of the May 2020 issue of our monthly newsletter, Ineffable Twaddle! Or, contact Editor Terri at:


Does our Cover Art Inspire You?!

Your Contest Entry may be in one of two (2) categories, or in both:

Category 1:  In 200 words or less, give us a believable plot and how Holmes will solve it!

Category 2:  In 200 words or less, introduce the “Uninvited Guest” to us and have him/her/them hook Holmes into taking his/her/their Case!


You have until November 1 to enter!

First Place Winner will earn Page 1 Feature in our 2021 Beaten’s!!!

Of  course, there will be Other PRIZES Too!!!